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Learn Chinese 6 includes: 1, English-Chinese double language Dictionary includes over 12,000 Chinese words and phrases. 2, Over 3,500 the most popular used Chinese characters writing demo. 3, 1,300 Chinese Pinyin (Initials, Finals, and Syllable). 4, 66 lessons and 95 sense dialogues. 5, Text To Speech available in simplified or traditional Chinese. 6, Examination Module for Chinese Examination practice.

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Learn Chinese 6.0 is for people who are serious about learning Chinese language. It's a simple, efficient, and comprehensive tool and designed for the beginners and senior learners to learn Chinese language and culture. 1, Pronunciation for all sentences, characters, words, and phrases are real natural audio. TTS never be used or based on. You can hear the changes of the intonation. 2, All Chinese characters, words and phrases are with tone marks Pinyin for reference. 3, There are 66 lessons and 95 sense dialogues which cover the normal situations such as daily life, working, study, traveling and hospitalize etc. 4, There's an English-Chinese double language Dictionary which includes over 12,000 Chinese words and phrases. You can search the new words with English or Chinese as well as strokes of the Chinese character or Pinyin. 5, There are over 3,500 (Chinese Characters First Levels 2500, Second Levels 1000) the most popular used Chinese characters writing demo. 6, There is a Chinese phonetic alphabet which includes the 1,300 Chinese Pinyin (Initials, Finals, and Syllable) in total. 7, There is an Examination Module. You can test your audition, understanding of Chinese and Pinyin. That is helpful for your Chinese Exam (HSK examination). 8, Speech Chinese can help you to read the texts on website or clipboard in English, simplified and traditional Chinese. You can convert texts to Wave or MP3 files. 9, There will be more updated downloadable courses, words and phrase.

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